Saturday, May 1, 2010

California Metal, Volume II

After the overwhelming success of the first California Metal in 1987, both in sales and as a platform for unsigned bands to gain record deals, Regency Records followed up with California Metal Volume II in 1988. Once again unsigned bands were showcased to a public hungry for more new metal, however this led to less success for the bands contained on the release and I think only Recon and Ransom got subsequent record deals (Mastedon already had a record deal and their track featured on this compilation is also on their debut album).

01 Vision - Runaway
02 Emerald - Traitor
03 Recon - Light the fire
04 Soldier - Borderline
05 Judea - Heart of stone
06 Mastedon - Get up
07 Ransom - Sin killer
08 Judea - Knock
09 Emerald - Born to die
10 Soldier - Tears
11 Recon - Dreams

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California Metal, Volume I

California Metal Volume I was an extremely influential release that showcased demo's from a lot of up and coming Christian Metal bands in 1987. This release actually led to every single featured band being signed to a record label, including some of the big names such as Guardian, Deliverance and Barren Cross.

01 Barren Cross - Deadlock
02 Deliverance - A Space Called You
03 Deliverance - Attack
04 Guardian - Marching On
05 Guardian - Spiritual Warfare
06 Hero - Sing It Out
07 Hero - I Surrender
08 Mastedon - Wasn't It Love?
09 Neon Cross - Son Of God
10 Neon Cross - I Need Your Love

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Heavenly Metal-Ballads

Sometimes hard music bands make pretty songs! This collection showcases some of the melodic talents of some of the premier Christian metal bands (notable absentee is Stryper). Get out those lighters and enjoy!

01 In His Hands - Whitecross
02 Innocent Again - Idle Cure
03 I Miss The Rain - Bride
04 House Of Dreams - Magdallan
05 Eyes Of Innocence - Holy Soldier
06 Will I Find Love? - Age Of Faith
07 Remember You - Chryztyne
08 Time - Rachel Rachel
09 Lead Me Back - The Legend
10 Top Of The Mountain - Bloodgood
11 Just A Man - The Brave
12 Soul Searcher - Halo
13 Broken Heart - Creed
14 Carry Me - Angelica
15 Lay Our Weapons Down - Liaison
16 Do You Know What Love Is? - Guardian

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